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  • 1. Tall Beardeds - TB - the tall beardeds are plants with flower stalks more than 71 см tall;
    Median Irises:
    • 2. Miniature Tall Bearded Irises - MTB - flower stalks 65-70 см, flowers 9 см width;
    • 3. The Border Beardeds - BB - flower stalks 64 см tall, flowers 12.5 width and 9 см height;
    • 4. Standard Dwarf Beardeds - SDB - flowe stalks 21-40 см tall; flowers 7-9 см in width;
    • 5. Intermediate Beardeds - IB - flower stalks 41-70 см в tall; flowers 8-12 см in width;
  • 6. Rebloom - The remontant or reblooming irises are those that bloom twice in a season - in the spring during regular iris time, and again in autumn;
  • 7. Miniature Dwarf Beardeds - MDB - usually unbranched 21 см tall; flowers 5-5.7 см across;
  • 8. Arils and Arilbreds - the group of bearded irises with arillate seed popularly called oncos.  From section: Oncocyclus, Regelia, Psammiris, Tigridae.
  • 9. The Luisiana Irises, native irises from the North America, growing in Louisiana;
  • 10. Pacific Coast Irises, native irises from the western coast of North America, three western states of Washington, Oregon and California;
  • 11. Siberian Irises, series Sibiricae, consist of ten species divided into two groups with 28 chromosomes (Sibiricae) and with 40 chromosomes (Chrysographes);
  • 12. Spuria Irises, section Xyridion, subgenus Limniris. Called by popular species Iris spuria;
  • 13. Hanashobu - the Japanese Irises have flowers of gigantic size, exotic beauty and spectacular display (20-30 см in width);
  • 14. The Evansia Irises, all are having a decidedly prominent "crest" to the falls of the flower. The group is one of the most varied in the genus in size (from a few centimeters to well over a meter in height). Its are to be found in the eastern Asia and in North America;
  • 15. Bulbous IrisesIridodiction, Xiphium, Juno;
  • 16. Lesser Known Irises - Dry Land Beardless Species and - Water Garden Irises;
  • 17. Novelty Irises - a newly introduced iris, has recently been drafted to describe irises that are basically divergent in pattern, form or habit from the mainstream of iris development.