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Expedition to the Northern Caucasus. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. In commemoration of Loki Schmidt

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02 December 2010

Today at the scientific workshop of the Botanical garden N.B. Alexeeva, PhD in Biological Sciences made a presentation of expeditions to the Northern Caucasus in 1993, 2009 and a planned international expedition in 2011. In December 1992 an Agreement between Hamburg and St. Petersburg Botanical garden was signed. Botanical gardens were supposed to exchange plants, gardeners and participate in joint expeditions. Loki Schmidt, an honorary citizen of Hamburg, spouse of Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of FRG – was initiator and sponsor of this programme. Loki Schmidt was granted the title of honorary doctor of the Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and honorary doctor of Hamburg University for development of botany, preservation of rare species of plants, creation of a seed bank and other merits. Many plants were named after Loki. 92-year-old Loki died on October, 21, 2010. In October employees of the Botanical garden observed silence in memory of Loki Schmidt.

The agreement signed in Hamburg is in force until now. In 2010 a report based on results of the trip to the Northern Caucasus 2009 a project of an international expedition was prepared with support of Loki Schmidt’s Fund. The expedition was scheduled for August 2011.

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