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01 August 2018 From May 25 to July 19, 2018, students of the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University, Pushkin - A. A. Zhemchuzhnikova and A.E. Konakov held an internship at the Iridarium and from June 25 to July 21, students of TSU, NI TSU, Tomsk - Monogarova A.E., Trofimova E.A., Ondar O.G., Istomin A.D., Sopko E.A. (3rd course). During the internship, the students got acquainted with various garden groups of the Iridaceae collection, their distribution and agricultural engineering. In addition, students got an idea about other garden collections - Rosarium, Alpine garden, etc. All students showed themselves to be responsible and conscientious performers of all assignments, using their knowledge and skills in their work.

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