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19 August 2013 Gladiolus bloom.
August 19, 2013. Since early August bloom

12 July 2013 Irises great beauty
Unusual beauty Irises of the Japanese Iris, some visitors closer to the knowledge of ritual contemplation, which annually make the Japanese. This year, the gorgeous, almost two months pleasing was flowering varieties of Bearded Irises.

28 June 2013 Japanese Irises are blossoming
It is time for the garden group of Japanese Irises to blossom. A special area with the irises collection and elements of Japanese design was set up in the Iridarium. I. ensata Thunb is the botanical name of the iris – forerunner of numerous sorts of this group of irises.

26 June 2013 Lecture-report «Irises. Garden groups. Methods of propagation»
26 June 2013  An open exposition Iridarium a lecture-presentation on “Irises. Garden groups. Methods of propagation.” On lectures can be present at the same time 15-20 listeners.

21 June 2013 21 June 2013. Finished flowering bulbous irises.
21 June 2013. Finished flowering bulbous irises. Tall bearded irises bloom in modern plant breeding and the “Siberian Irises”.

06 June 2013 June 5 2013 the flowering irises old selection of Bearded Irises.
June 5 2013 the flowering irises old selection of Bearded Irises.

23 May 2013 Iris aphylla L., Iris pumila L.
Iris aphylla L., Iris pumila L. and they cultivars Dwarf Bearded Irises

20 May 2013 On 15 till 20 April 2013 in Dallas (TX) was Convention of American Iris Society (AIS)
Dallas (TX) was Convention of American Iris Society (AIS). Convention of AIS (American Iris Society), was during for six days on 15 till 20 April 2013. Every day in the morning all participants went on an excursion on the Iris Gardens. In the second half of the day were the reports, the meeting, the panel studies, etc. ...

03 April 2013 On March 28 passed a festive event on celebration of birthday of George Ivanovich Rodionenko
Dear friends,
Dr. G.Rodionenko grateful to all those remembered him and congratulated him.

22 Martha 2013 100th anniversary of G.I.Rodionenko
On March, 28, 2013 Georgy I. Rodionenko celebrates his 100th anniversary.

20 November 2012 Materials on the trip to Indonesia have been placed
The goal of our trip was fishing in the Indian ocean near the shores of Indonesia where about 1500 fish species live including very big ones. We caught a 25-kg arara. And the largest flower of the world - Rafflesia arnoldii - was blossoming in the Botanical garden of the city of Bogor. Detailed description of the tour.

10 August 2012 Beginning of development of the website flower-iris.ru new version
Development of the website flower-iris.ru started with support of AIS FOUNDATION and Virtual Real Estate Studio.

03 July 2012 Photographing of the Iridarium for 3D virtual tour
Photographing of the Iridarium was implemented in the framework of renewal of the website flower-iris.ru for the virtual tour.

04 June 2012 Reconstruction of sector №11 in the Iridarium
Reconstruction of sector №11

27 May 2012 Visit to the Botanical garden of Heteburg
From May, 19 to May, 24 employees of the Botanical garden of the Botanical Institute (The Russian Academy of Sciences) visited the Botanical garden in Heteburg.

12 April 2012 Tour to Cyprus
From March, 12 to April, 09 field observations of the species of Gladiolus, Gynandriris, Iris, Romulea etc.

24 January 2012 "CALYPSO" – a computer base of collections of botanical gardens
January, 24 an educational workshop for operation of the computer base of collections of botanical gardens "CALYPSO" was conducted at the Botanical garden.

23 January 2012 Master-class on botanical painting
On January, 21 and 22, 2012 Alexander Vyazmensky conducted a master-class on botanical painting at V.L.Komarov’s Botanical Institute. Watercolors (24 colors), round brushes (synthetics) № 3, 6, 10; paper for watercolors, a pencil S, an eraser and a container for water were used during the classes.

18 January 2012 I. timofejewii Woron is blossoming
I. Timofejewii Woron started blossoming on January, 17. Plants had been received from the Alpine Botanical Garden (Dagestan). It is a rare endemic species of the Caucasus. Only several locations are known in Dagestan, namely: near the villages of Bushrak,Khodzhal-makhi, Tsudakhar (Levashinsky district); Urada (Sovetsky district).

21 November 2011 The first frosts. The second stage of late autumn started.
Temperature decreased down to - 10 С at night in some districts. On November, 20 ponds covered with ice, it means that the second stage of late autumn started, i.e. transition of stable temperature 0 С. One can say that the open ground works finished for that season.

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