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29 September 2011 International expedition “Northern Caucasus - 2011"
Institute (The Russian Academy of Sciences) and Botanical gardens of Stavropol, Heteburg, Hamburg and Shanghais  in accordance with the plan of research and scientific activities of V.L.Komarov’s Botanical Institute in the period of 2 - 16 of September, 2011.

01 July 2011 Japanese irises are blossoming
It is time for the garden group of Japanese irises to blossom. A special area with the irises collection and elements of Japanese design was set up in the Iridarium. I. ensata Thunb is the botanical name of the iris – forerunner of numerous sorts of this group of irises.

21 June 2011 II International Moscow Symposium on the genus Iris "Iris-2011"
On June, 14 - 17 the Botanical garden of Moscow State University held the International Symposium on irises.

21 June 2011 Tour to China
From May, 15 to June, 5 I visited the cities of Beijing, Chendu and Shankhai.

22 December 2010 India. Presentation of the tour.
Today at meeting of the Section for Introduction (Russian Botanical Society) at the Botanical garden N.B. Alexeeva, PhD in Biological Sciences made a presentation on the tour to India which took place in mountainous regions of the Western and Eastern Himalayas.

02 December 2010 Expedition to the Northern Caucasus. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. In commemoration of Loki Schmidt
Today at the scientific workshop of the Botanical garden N.B. Alexeeva, PhD in Biological Sciences made a presentation of expeditions to the Northern Caucasus in 1993, 2009 and a planned international expedition in 2011.   In December 1992 an Agreement between Hamburg and St. Petersburg Botanical garden was signed.

18 November 2010 Granting Mongolian Governmental Awards
On November, 15 the Botanical Institute employees – participants of Russian-Mongolian Comprehensive Biological Expedition were given Mongolian governmental awards in the Hall of the Academic Council Meetings at the Botanical Institute of the The Russian Academy of Sciences.

18 November 2010 Three weeks in India
In September-October 2010 we had an amazing trip to India. We visited the state Himachal Pradesh where Nickolai Reirich famous home is located. We rose to the pass of Rohtang (4000 m above the sea level) by one of the most high-altitude roads in the world. We visited Sikkim, the land of peace and calm.

11 August 2010 Acidanthera bicolor and sorts of Gladiolus hybridus hort are blossoming
This year Acidanthera bicolor and sorts of Gladiolus hybridus hort started to blossom two weeks earlier. Usually they blossom at the end of August. Last year Acidanthera was blossoming until the end of September...

05 August 2010 "The world of phloxes" – exhibition and sale at the Botanical Garden
Today the opening of an exhibition and sale of phloxes was convened in the territory of the Botanical Garden, 150 sorts were represented. Iris amateurs could also buy several sorts of these decorative plants: Suzie Wong, Insulinda, Negretta etc.

02 July 2010 Spuria and Japanese Irises started blossoming
At the beginning of July visitors of the Iridarium could observe simultaneous blossoming of all garden groups bred in our environment. Bearded Irises finish blossoming. Beardless irises: Siberian Irises, Irises of the Water Garden, Bulbous Irises are in the middle of blossoming. Spuria Irises start blossoming.

02 July 2010 Bulbous irises are blossoming
So called bulbous irises belonging to the genus Xiphium start blossoming in late June – early July...

02 July 2010 Siberian irises are blossoming
Sorts of this group feel comfortable in our environment. They form big shrubs and blossom during 2-3 weeks...

28 May 2010 Japanese garden in the Botanical Garden of the Botanical Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences
Today a Japanese garden was founded in the Botanical Garden. The officials – Mr. Kawabata Itiro (Consul-General of Japan in St.Petersburg) and Ms. Midori Yamada (President of the Affiliate of Ikenobo-Ikebana Institute in Russia) - attended the opening ceremony.

21 May 2010 Japanese irises in the Iridarium
On May, 21 a subsequent planting took place in the Iridarium in the sector where Japanese irises are bred....

17 May 2010 Publication in Botanical Journal № 3, 2010
Morphology of some species seeds of the genus Iris L. (Iridaceae) related to the genus systematization.
The article shows results of the research on seed morphology and micromorphology of seed peel for 10 species of the genus Iris subgenus Iris from 4 sections...

List of publications.

17 May 2010 Siberian irises are blossoming
Siberian irises I. bloudowii, I. humilis, I. ruthenica have started blossoming...

17 May 2010 Iris aphylla L. started blossoming
Iris aphylla L. started blossoming on May, 17. It is a European species which is largely spread in the European part of Russia: Volga-Don region, Volga region.

12 April 2010 Small-bulbous irises started blossoming
Bulbous irises are the first to blossom in the Iridarium. Iridodictyum reticulatum and I. Danfordiae  started blossoming by April, 12, the Day of Outer Space. In situ small-bulbous irises grow in mountains and foothills of the Caucasus and Asia. All the species are very decorative and suit well for Alpine gardens and as pot forces.

31 Martha 2010 Georgy I. Rodionenko is 97 years
On March, 28 Georgy I. Rodionenko celebrated his 97th anniversary. He works 3-4 hours every day and takes a 1-hour walk. Colleagues, amateur iris breeders, numerous friends send their cordial congratulations to Georgy Ivanovich and wish him health and new creative achievements.

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