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15 Martha 2008 Information on the exhibition of irises is now available in the website
On February, 5 presentation of the photo-exhibition devoted to 45th anniversary of the Iridarium took place. All visitors had the unique opportunity to see at the same time all plants of the family Iridaceae blossoming in the Iridarium from April to October.

15 Martha 2008 International Seminar on Volunteer Movement
From  7th  to 11th of April the Botanical garden, Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) hosted the International Seminar on Organization of Volunteer Movement in arboretums, nurseries and reserves.

14 Martha 2008 The Iris
Recently many visitors of the website have become interested in what the Iris is!?We are happy to answer this question. The Iris is a genus of the family Iridaceae.

06 February 2008 The course of lectures at the Botanical garden
It 2006 – 2008 the Botanical garden hosted annual course of lectures “Days of Knowledge” delivered from January to April. In 2006 there were introductory lectures; basics of taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, introduction of the Botanical Institute and Garden departments.

01 February 2008 Photo exhibition of Irises "Look at Irises!"
Photo exhibition of Irises "Look at Irises! 45th anniversary of the Iridarium". The idea of the exhibition organization was to devote it to 45th anniversary of the Iridarium as well as 95th anniversary of two outstanding peopled devoted their life to this amazing perennial plant. Photo exhibition of Irises "Look at Irises!"

01 January 2008 A popular paper on I. ruthenica has been written
A popular paper on I. ruthenica has been published in the journal “In the world of plants”, 2007, №10, this species is largely spread in Southern districts of Siberia, it is introduced but is not used in selection.

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