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100th anniversary of G.I.Rodionenko

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22 Martha 2013

Георгий Иванович Родионенко 2
On March, 28, 2013 Georgy I. Rodionenko celebrates his 100th anniversary. He is the great scientist well-known all over the world, he is the only monographer on the genus Iris in Russia. He created the largest Iridarium with the richest collection of the family Iridaceae. G.Rodionenko is a high-profile expert on irises, his numerous publications have been translated in English, French and Italian. In 1968 G.Rodionenko received international acknowledgement – he was elected the honorary member of the British Iris Society and awarded with the highest award – the Medal in commemoration of Michael Foster, he was also elected the honorary member of the American Iris Society and awarded Beatrice Varburton’ medal.

георгий иванович родионенко 1

It is known that now G.Rodionenko works at home 2-3 hours a day, makes daily walks, one can meet him in the street near his apartment, in a supermarket and the post office.

Colleagues, amateur iris breeders, numerous friends send their cordial congratulations to Georgy Ivanovich and wish him health and new creative achievements!

Celebration of the birthday will be held at the Assembly hall. Entrance is available of the invited guests. Congratulations could be send to the address of the Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences or by e-mail: binadmin@binran.ru, irapautova@mail.ru, a_nina@bk.ru.

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