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List of Tours and Expeditions

Expedition to Cambodia 2015
From 14 of November till 6 of December we have had a unique expedition to Cambodia.

The successful expedition to Altai
For the first time I visited Altai in 2000 and felt in love with this wonderful region immediately. It was a trip to the fairy tale. The beauty of the lovely Altaisky krai is painted on splendid pictures artist of N. Rerih.

Tour to Indonesia in 2012
The goal of our trip was fishing in the Indian ocean near the shores of Indonesia where about 1500 fish species live including very big ones. We caught a 25-kg arara. And the largest flower of the world - Rafflesia arnoldii - was blossoming in the Botanical garden of the ciity of Bogor.

Caucasus 2011
The botanical seed-picking expedition to the Northern Caucasus took place since 1st till 16th September 2011. The flora of this region is very rich, and this is one of the hot spots of the biodiversity conservation of the Globe. The purpose of the expedition was to study the ecology and biology of plants in the wild and to collect seeds to replenish ex-situ collections of Saint-Petersburg, Stavropol, Hamburg, Gothenburg and Shanghai Botanic Gardens.

Three weeks in India in 2010
In September-October 2010 we had an amazing trip to India. We visited the state Himachal Pradesh where Nickolai Reirich famous home is located. We rose to the pass of Rohtang (4000 m above the sea level) by one of the most high-altitude roads in the world. We visited Sikkim, the land of peace and calm. We bathed in the wonderful salty Indian Ocean in the area of the village Palolem (the state Goa) and visited botanical gardens, natural reserves, some temples and monasteries.

Expedition to the Northern Caucasus 2009
Due to lack of financing and impossibility of expeditions for employees collections of the rock garden had not been replenished for a long time with wild flora plants. //Reference: The rock garden was set up in the XIX century, in 1924 it was largely renewed and restructured (the total area comprises 1100 sq m).

Expedition to Каlach-on-Don 2008
The Don River did not seem calm. During 5 day stay in Kalach strong wind was blowing and our dream to cross the river in a rubber boat did not come true. The trip by motorship allowed us to admire the right steep bank, to collect seed.

Irises in Primorje
Our work with irises in St.Petersburg Botanical Garden is continued. Like earlier, a species addition of collection is resulted of exchange of seeds and collecting Iris species in nature. An expedition in Primorski region appeared to be a continuation of a number of carrying out before expeditions that included regions from the Northern Caucasus up to Transbaikalia.  We continue to become acquainted with existent collections and with collectors who created them.

Expeditionary trip for Irises to Transbaical region
Our research of Irises carried out in St.Petersburg Botanical Garden is aimed to collect and study It is species in nature and their observation in cultivation. It needs deep analysis of literature devoted to this problem and visiting as many places of their growing as possible, as well as revision of all the Iris collections available and meeting a number of present date collectors created and study these plants.