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Expedition to Cambodia 2015

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From 14 of November till 6 of December we have had a unique expedition to Cambodia. We were on two islands: Koh Kong and Koh Rong. The coast so beautiful: more sunshine, warmest water and white sand. On Koh Kong nobody, only we. We were together with my colleague from Paris, Marpha Telepova, she works with Orchids and we helped for her to collect it in different place in Cambodia. We went to jungle, everywhere snakes, scorpions and other animals, but everything was OK. On Koh Rong so many people, but we can find wild place, for it we crossed island on jungle by raining's way (road). Of course we were in Phnom Penh and visiting the astonishing temples at Angkor Wat and Bayon we find quite amazing too.

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