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Expedition to Каlach-on-Don 2008

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The Don River did not seem calm. During 5 day stay in Kalach strong wind was blowing and our dream to cross the river in a rubber boat did not come true. The trip by motorship allowed us to admire the right steep bank, to collect seed. Later we managed to fish sailing along the left bank... In Krasnaya Balka we collected seeds of Iris pumila L. and other rare species (Bellivalia sarmatica, Fritillaria ruthenica, Tulipa gesneriana etc.) for the Seed Laboratory of the Botanical garden, Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Here is a historical note from Igor A.Zubov presentation “The vertical of ecological education”.

The town of Каlach-on-Don is a small district center located 80 km to the West from Volgograd in a large stroll of the Don River. The town celebrates its 300th anniversary. The town has become a landmark in history on November, 23, 1942 when the Soviet troops united in the town district and surrounded 330ooo group of Nazi near Staliningrad. In July 1952 the Volga-Don navigation canal was opened, its main part is located in the territory of Kalach district, the last 13the lock is near the town of Kalach.

In 1996 an enthusiastic group organized an expedition along the Don River. It was the beginning of environmental activity in the area. Some priorities were pinpointed, ecological education became one of them. In 2002 an environmental-biological center was set up, it was first time from the start of perestroika when an establishment of additional education was set up. The town administration allocated 2 hectares in the near-center area where children and adults created Kalach town dendropark. Environmental education begins from kindergartens. Ecological rooms are created, aquariums, room plants, ecological pictures and photos are located in the rooms for children. Some kindergartens found an opportunity to employ an ecologist-teacher. The district performs large-scale different activities. For many years schoolchildren have won prizes at All-Russian Ecological rallies. Young environmentalists have won 7 president and 7 governor awards.

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