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Course of lectures at the Botanical garden

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It 2006 – 2008 the Botanical garden hosted annual course of lectures “Days of Knowledge” delivered from January to April. The course of lectures was worked out to enhance interest of employees and lecturers and to develop creative approach to work as well as to test a new form of the educational activity at the Botanical Institute for future founding of a universal Educational center.


Introductory classes: introduction of departments of the Institute and the garden. General studies: basics of taxonomy, morphology of plants, vegetative and generative organs; geology and ecology of plants; introduction and acclimatization of plants; forming collections in the Botanical garden. Special studies: basic rules of care for plants, seed and vegetative reproduction; diseases, pests etc.


Introductory classes: basics of botanical nomenclatures, familiarization with Latin grammar and lexis. General studies: botanical history from Theophrastos to Lenne; Lenne’s time; botanical history from Lenne to nowadays; history of introduction and role of botanical gardens; expeditions; some botanical gardens of the world; forming collections. Special studies: the world of plants, basic rules of care for greenhouse and room plants; some lectures of decorative gardening and floriculture.


Preservation of biodiversity of plants ex-situ and in-situ. The International Union for Protection of Nature and Natural Resources was set up 60 years ago, one of its first solutions was to make up the Red Book. In 1978 the first official edition of the Red Book of the USSR was issued followed the Red Book of the RSFSR in 1988.

The Course “Days of Knowledge” for employees of the Botanical Garden was devoted to preservation of biodiversity of plants

The goal: to expand the world view.

Target audience: all interested employees of the Botanical garden.

Terms: January, 16 – March, 19, 2008 each Wednesday from 2 to 4.30 p.m. in the Large Room of the Botanical garden.

Form of learning: partial work and studies.

Contact person - Nina Alexeeva

Content of the course

Strategy of plants preservation. Methods of plants preservation.

General studies

  • Topic 1: History of plants preservation in situ. Natural reserves, national parks, botanical preserves etc.
  • Topic 2: The Red Book of RSFSR, regional Red Books. Lists of protected plants.
  • Topic 3. History of plants preservation ex situ. Role of Botanical gardens in preservation of biodiversity of plants. Forming collections in Botanical gardens. Plants of the Red Book of Russia in collections of Botanical gardens and dendraria. Expeditions. Some Botanical gardens of the world.

Special studies

  • Topic 4. Nature as the richest source of decorative plants. Planting and general rules of care for plants. Gardening lands, substrates, fertilizers. Seed and vegetative reproduction.
  • Topic 5. Greenhouse and room plants. Particularities of growth and development of plants in greenhouses. Care for plants in soil and containers.
  • Topic 6. Decorative gardening. Care for trees and shrubs. Top dressings, watering, fertilizing, mulching, struggle against weeds.
  • Topic 7. Floriculture. Planting and care. Watering. Fertilizing, mulching, weeding, loosing. Care for aboveground parts of plants.

Topical curriculum of the course of lectures for January-March 2008

January, 16, 2008

  • D.V.Geltman. The Red Books of different levels. Natural reserves, national parks.
  • K.G.Tkachenko. Mount of Emey. China.
  • K.G.Tkachenko. Mount of Emey. China.

January, 23, 2008

  • K.G.Tkachenko. Reserves of China
  • K.G.Tkachenko. Reserves of China
  • K.G.Tkachenko. Plant protection in China

January,30, 2008

  • G.A.Firsov. Rare plants of Nizhnekhopersky natural park
  • G. Konechnaya. Natural reserves of Pskov, Novgorod and other districts.

February,6, 2008

  • L.V.Averianov. The main types of habitats of tropical plants
  • G.A.Firsov. Hunters for plants
  • G.A.Firsov. Some issues of acclimatization

February, 13, 2008

  • D.V.Geltman. Missuri Botanical Garden. System
  • D.V.Geltman. Organization of volunteer activity in the USA
  • L.I.Krupkina. Reserve territories and protected plants of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

February, 20, 2008

  • Ye.M.Arnautova. Tropical and subtropical fruit plants
  • I.A.Korshunova. Agrotechnology methods for some fruit plants
  • A.A.Kostyleva. Growing some fruit plants

February, 27, 2008

  • I.M.Pautova. Rare species of plants of different regions
  • N.V.Stepanishcheva. Rare species in collections of rockeries and methods of growing of some plants
  • M.V.Baranova. Rare and protected bulbous plants

March, 5, 2008

  • I.M.Vasilieva. Rare and endangered plants of arid regions of the Earth in the Botanical garden collection
  • Ye.D.Petrova, Ye.Smirnova. Methods of growing some plants of arid regions

March, 12, 2008

  • A.Ye.Kovalenko. Necessity and problems of fungi protection
  • V.I.Dorofeev. Russian-Mongolian comprehensive expedition
  • N.B.Alexeeva. Methods of preservation of the genus Iris rare species.

March, 19, 2008

  • Yu.Smirnov. Strategy of plants preservation. Role of Botanical gardens in preservation of biodiversity
  • Ye.M.Arnautova. Role of greenhouse collections in preservation of biodiversity

In autumn 2008 the first cycle of lectures for PhD students was delivered at V.L.Komarov’s Botanical Institute. It was targeted at all interested persons with information located in the website.