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II Moscow International Symposium on the genus Iris "Iris-2011"

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The International Symposium on irises was held on June, 14 – 17 at the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University. 40 symposium participants listened to and discussed the state of activities for studying species and sort diversity in collections of botanical gardens (university and academic) and specialized establishments of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Czech Republic (Poland and Baltic States in absentia).Vladimir S.Novikov, director of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University opened the Symposium and wished fruitful work. G.I.Rodionenko’s letter to symposium participants was read. The plenary session included 7 presentations concerning the spread of rare and endemic species in Russia, protection issues, phylogenetic interrelations of species of the genus etc. Section 1 – Research on the genus Iris L., taxonomy and protection issues – included 7 presentations (on biological particularities of seeds, forming the flower colour, peculiarities of seed productivity and micro-clone reproduction of the genus representatives etc.). Section 2 – Introduction and acclimatization of various groups of irises – comprised 11 presentations (results of species introduction in Belarus, North-West of Russia, Altai region, Ukraine etc.). Section 3 – Educational activity on the basis of collections of the genus Iris L. – included 4 presentations (work with schoolchildren, use of collections for educational purposes, international competition etc.). A part of presentations was shown on stands (3) – Introduction of various groups of irises in collections of Botanical gardens in Ulan-Bator, Moscow (Moscow State University), St. Petersburg (Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The winners of the international competition were awarded. Symposium participants acknowledged great importance of that event for future work with species and sort diversity of representatives of the genus Iris. A resolution was made on behalf of the Symposium participants; note of thanks was sent to M.P.Kirpichnikov, the Dean of Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, for assistance in organization of the event; a greeting note arrived from Prof. G.I.Rodionenko.

Resolution of the II Moscow International Symposium in the Genus of Iris "IRIS L. – 2011" (Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, June, 14-17, 2011)

Having discussed issues on the state of activities in collections of the genus Iris L. on the basis of university and academic botanical gardens as well as specialized establishments of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Czech Republic (Poland and Baltic States in absentia) for studying species and sort diversity the Symposium participants mentioned high significance of the event for preservation of biodiversity and movement towards sustainable development, and have agreed as follows:

  • 1. To address to Commission for rare species of the Council of Botanical Gardens and to Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology with the initiative to create a coordination group for rare and endangered species of the genus Iris L., to develop a pilot or model project which can serve an example to organizing works with species of the genus enlisted in the Red Books.
    • 1.1. To make an inventory and to compile the whole list of rare species growing in the territories of Russia and neighboring states under the aegis of this group.
    • 1.2. To collect information concerning conducted works with rare species bred in nurseries, botanical establishments and territories of private households to create a centralized information resource of general access.
    • 1.3. To enlist object for introduction ex situ, to appoint coordinators responsible for works on preservation species of the genus рода Iris ex situ and in situ (based on regional distribution); to unite botanical gardens which have micro-clone laboratories for plant reproduction in vitro in this process.
  • 2. To develop comprehensive morphological and contemporary molecular-genetic methods of research on species of the genus Iris ex situ and in situ as well as sorts for the purpose of taxonomy and classification.
  • 3. To recommend placement of information on species belonging of irises of Russia in websites of botanical gardens (www.binran.ru, www.flower-iris.ru etc.) for their identification.
  • 4. To conduct annual comprehensive analysis of domestic sorts of irises in state and private collections together with the Russian Society of Iris Devotees, to publish an illustrated catalogue.
  • 5. To pay proper attention to education activity on the basis of the collection including the issues of the genus Iris L.; to attract students, schoolchildren and volunteers to work with collections.
  • 6. On behalf of the Symposium participants:
    • 6.1. To thank organizers of the Symposium "Iris L. – 2011"
    • 6.2. To send a greeting letter to G.I.Rodionenko.
    • 6.3. To publish the Resolution and the greeting note of G.I.Rodionenko to the Symposium participants in the Botanical Journal and Bulletin of Council of Russian and Belarusian Botanical Gardens and Dendroparks.

June, 17 2011, Moscow. Organizing Committee of the Symposium.