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12 July 2013 We were pleased with flowering garden varieties of Spuria Irises, collected for the first time in the new sector. It should be noted that the bearded irises, obtained from the U.S. from the company Schreiner’s Iris Gardens (Iridarium gift from Robert Pries) and varieties of Australia (Iridarium gift from Tatyana Popovich) acted differently.  They were planted in one sector, from the autumn rains covered with tape boards, space for the winter under cover filled with oak leaf. Excellent results have shown sorts of firms Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. Perfectly blossomed “Cranberry Swirl”, “ Hello Darkness”, “On the Move”, “Plum Fun”, “Purple Serenade”, “Rodeo Girl”, etc. This year, all of the groups garden irises have pleased flowering. Now on Iridarium ready to bloom other members of the family Iridaceae: Acidanthera bicolor Hochst., Tritonia crocata (L.) Ker Gawl. cv. Lucifer, Gladiolus, etc.

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