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Japan. A festival of chrysanthemums and maple paints.

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11 December 2017 In Japan, we were from 11 to 24 November. We were lucky, we found the end of the flowering of chrysanthemums and maple paints in full swing. Exhibitions of chrysanthemums - around temples in parks and a botanical garden in Tokyo; maple paints - everywhere. Overlooking the slopes of the hills with all the colors from pink, red to dark burgundy tones, as well as planting maples in parks near palaces and temples. Japan - a special country, this we have never seen - people, nature, gardens and parks. You can enumerate endlessly. Transport logistics, a special topic and much, much more. Temples are Shinto and Buddhist. Nara remembered the biggest wooden building in the world - the Buddhist temple of Todai-Ji Temple and a thousand deer around. In Nikko we visited healing therms. In the same place we walked along the oldest quiet botanical garden. And of course, the rock garden in the Rionji temple in Kyoto. Dreams are destined to come true. In 11 years I read about it in Versilin's book: Gardens and parks of the world. The game of stones with you, because some play hide and seek, and you can not count them, a game of philosophical thought, because, everyone can interpret the meaning of this composition in its own way. It was interesting to know the opinion of Japanese residents about this composition of 15 stones. They believe that as much as you are supposed to see, so much you see (at least 12 stones), and rejoice at it, life has given you a wonderful chance to see what you see, and do not demand more. Impressed the thicket of a unique bamboo grove. High-rise buildings, on viewing platforms in which you can see the endless development of multi-million cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama. The fish market in Tokyo was impressed. Endless counters with all sea life, where for the astronomical price you can buy both tuna and fugue. Mount Fuji. Visited Hiroshima. On the site of the destroyed blocks, a huge park with monuments and a museum of the World is planted, where there is an opportunity to bow to the memory of 150 thousand Japanese inhabitants who died after the atomic bombardment. This is the only place where it is called who is to responsibility for  the death of civilians. I was amazed at the modesty and simplicity of Japanese life, starting with ordinary people and ending with the imperial palaces.

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