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Iridarium is blooming. Book as a gift.

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15 June 2020 On Iridarium cultivars from the Bearded Iris garden group abundatly bloom. At the same time, varieties from the Siberian irises garden group bloom. The irises collected in nature in the North Caucasus I. marschalliana Bobr. (= I. pontica Zapal.) delight in bloom, from the Far East - I. laevigata, I. lokiae, I. sanguinea, I. setosa. Many thanks for supporting the publication of A.N. Sintsov, A.I. Kapelyan, A.N. Afanasyeva, the Lisitsky family, as well as relatives and friends who made a cash birthday present. The manuscript was submitted to the printing house for the preparation of the layout. You can still manage to transfer money and in August receive a book as a gift!

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