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The reviewed book is devoted to one of the most interesting collections in the Botanical garden – the Iridarium. The book includes a number of aspects on emerging and forming of this collection which are devoted to the problems of creation of the Iridarium as well as the genus and species variety of the Iridaceae. Reader can find multi-facet information which characterizes both traditional introduction issues and a number of new ones. There have been provided explanations concerning almost all introduced plants, developed, largely special recommendations on agrotechnology have been given ...

N. B. Аlexeeva’s book represents great scientific interest. First and foremost, the annotated list of Iridaceae with a nomenclature part as well as morphology and ecology characteristics is of special scientific value.

Some sections of this monograph provide a lot of information which can be appreciated by numerous practitioners and amateurs of irises.

V.I.Dorofeev, DrSc of Biological Sciences, leading research fellow,
The Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The book covers history of setting up the Iridarium and its present state. Principles of collections formations have been explained, the section on expositions “Irises of Russia” and “Garden Irises” has been covered in detail including sources of obtaining the data.

The annotated list of Iridaceae comprises the main content of the book. The data on 80 species of the family cultivated in the Iridarium have been given along with Latin names of all the family taxons, their morphology, life forms, ecological characteristics, geographical distribution. The issues of cultivation and opportunities of introduction in the conditions of the North-West of Russia have been expounded on the basis of more than 200-year data. Special interest can be attached to the review of Russian species, a separate chapter of 30 pages in the monograph. It consists of 3 sections devoted to the Caucasus and European part of Russia, Siberia and the Far East...

The monograph is very interesting not only for professional botanists of various profiles but also to introducers-practitioners and amateurs of irises and other perennials.

A.D.Mikheev, DrSc of Biological Sciences,
Head of Pyatigorsk Environmenal-Biological Station,
The Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences