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20 September 2013 – The iridarium collections amount to more than 100 species and representatives of the wild flora of the genus Iris and species of 14 genera of the family Iris. The collection includes 26 rare species under extinction of 40 species growing in Russian flora. Renovation of the web site devoted to the Iris collection of the Botanical garden belonging to the Botanical Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences both provides information concerning the work with the Iridarium collection for the staff of different botanical gardens and increases the amount of amateurs and assistants of this wonderful perennial, thus, attaching higher attention of all the site users to familiarization with the wild flora species and their protection. Another conference “Scientific basis for the protection and management of vegetation cover Volga basin”, in which I took part, took place in Togliatii. There was another Russian Botanical Society Congress (it was created in 1915). I presented report prepared in conjunction with Victoria Semenova (agronomist) about the success of the introduction and establishment in the Iridarium garden group “Spuria Irises”. Refer to: Publications.

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