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International Expedition to the Far East.

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02 July 2019 From June 1 to June 16, 2019, a joint international Mongolian-USA-Russian expedition took place. The expedition was attended by scientists from the CSBG, Vladimir Doronkin (Novosibirsk), BIN RAS, Nina Alexeeva (St. Petersburg), the Botanical Institute, Enkhtuya Luvsanbaldan and Ochgerel (Ulan Bator) and member of American Iris Society, Sean Zera (USA). We were received by local scientists from the Botanical Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences L.N. Mironova, V.M. Dudkin and L.M. Pshennikova. By car 4 routes were made: to Xasanskyi region, to the lake area Hunka and Lesogorskyi region and Olginskyi region, making stops for collecting plants and overnight stays. The route was collected 10 species, 40 samples of plants from Iridaceae of living plants from various populations. Herbarium - 38 sheets. The route was more 3000 km. Complied with the requests of colleagues. Herbarium of Artemisia intermongolia (A. capillaris) is collected, species Cypripedium for alpine garden and cuttings and seedlings Rhododendron, Weigela and so on. The expedition was supported by the American Iris Society Foundation (grant of Enkhtuya, Mongolia).

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