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Preparation of the exposition of the Japanese Irises for the celebration

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06 May 2020 This year in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great, the Japanese Garden celebrate 10 years. It is hoped that we will be able to celebrate this event together. In Iridarium, a Japanese-style exposition was simultaneously created for the Japanese Irises garden group. The botanical name is Iris ensata Thunb. Interest in the cultivars of this garden group in our Botanical Garden first appeared for about 100 years. Then they were grown as a pot culture, harvesting for the winter. Our humid climate with cold winters and low temperature differences did not suit exotic varieties of Japanese selection. In 1956, G. I. Rodionenko received the first winter-hardy variety: "Vasily Alferov" (Sano Watashi x Iris ensata). Now the collection includes 23 samples of Iris ensata collected in nature and 38 varieties of the garden group of Japanese Irises. In 2016, a new variety appeared in this group - Nikolay Tsiskaridze (Nikolay Tsiskaridze). Last year, over 300 seedlings additionally planted by the leading garden agronomist V.I. Soloviev. You can see these and other varieties in July (the usual flowering time of this group). For lovers of irises, we have prepared for sale seedlings of these amazing plants.

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