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Replenishment of the collection in 2020

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16 September 2020 In 2020, due to quarantine, there were no expeditionary trips. The collection was replenished by 50 taxa, these are mainly plants grown from seeds. Plants from nature from Altai, the Caucasus, Mongolia and obtained by delectus of seeds are of particular value (I. acutiloba, I. kamelinii, I. klattii, I. gracilipes, I. pseudonotha, I. timofejewii ). Seeding of 100 seed samples was made. Many thanks to A. V. Fetisov for sending them with varieties from the group of bearded irises as a gift. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the action - a book as a gift. Acceptance of money is over. The book Iris of Russia will go to press next week.

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