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Replenishment of the collection in 2023

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20 October 2023 The collection has been replenished by 57 taxa, these are plants collected in nature, grown from seeds and purchased in nurseries. Of particular value are plants from the nature of Altai (together with E.A. Varfolomeeva), collections of the rare species Iris tigridia Bunge and from the islands Sakhalin and Iturup (with A.I. Kapelyan and E.A. Varfolomeeva). Thanks to I.A. Pautova, the variety selected by G.I. Rodionenko was restored I. hybr. hort. ‘Emma’ and others. For the first time, Iris urumovii Velen seedlings grown from seeds were planted. (a new species for the collection). The garden group of beardless irises has been replenished with varieties of Iris pseudacorus (a gift from an amateur M.I. Sirotina from Krasnodar). Seeding of 73 seed samples was made. Currently, the collection includes 154 species and intraspecific taxa of the Iridaceae of natural flora and about 400 varieties of irises, incl. 34, created on Iridarium, as well as 24 species mentioned in the Red Books of various levels.

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