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Georgy I. Rodionenko.

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06 April 2014 April 6, 2014. On the 102 year died Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences,  Georgy I. Rodionenko. Hi was the great scientist well-known all over the world, created by Iris School in Russia. Iridarium – a living monument to a rich collection of representatives of the family Iridaceae. Its founder Georgy I. Rodionenko worked here for over 60 years, he has published over 120 articles and 10 books, he is the authors of more than 20 sorts of Irises. The last work of Georgy Rodionenko – the book “Discover the secrets of nature” (My fate - irises), thanks to Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, was published last year. The author managed to discovered the secrets of nature irises, for botanists, and for amateurs; interesting biographical memories of author. (Nina Alexeeva, London).

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