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In the early 60's. The twentieth century. the Botanical Institute. Komarov USSR (1991 - RAS), in connection with the completion of the building of the Botanical Museum and the need to clean up the area adjacent to it, it was decided establishing exposure leading herbaceous ornamental plants that would demonstrate the evolution of wild, variety of crops. One of the sites was isolated by collection of plants in the family Iridaceae (Iridaceae). Small in size, but at the time unique in its content, it could show quite a number of species of wild flora, cultural forms, varieties of its own selection and interspecific hybrids.

The composition is built in a decorative style. Modules created from earth and stone with hills, paths, shared plates, and a small body of water, with the involvement of various herbaceous perennials, which gave the exhibition a special attraction. On the site was presented to a large variety of generic family Iridaceae (Acidanthera, Gladiolus, Crocus, Tigridia, etc.). In this regard, the entire exhibit called Iridary. Particular attention was given to the genus Iris (Iris). Usually refer to as the Russian type is used this name, but perhaps use the Greek - Iris.

As the fate of private gardens depend on the fate of their owners and Iridariya fate depended on the fate of constantly working on it professionals. The idea of creating the first Iridariya in our country belongs Doctor. biol. Sciences Georgy Rodionenko. He was also the curator of his research for 35 years. On Iridarii worked Rostilav D. Zubov, Love Gerasimovna Gromov, Nina Alekseeva, Margarita Efimovna Tikhonov. More than 25 years on the cultural care and landscaping Anna N. Zeksel.

I am grateful for the valuable advice and criticisms employees Botanical Institute. Komarov Sciences: Doctor. biol. RV Kamelin Sciences, Doctor. biol. Science VI Dorofeeva, Doctor. biol. Science AD ​​Mikheev, PhD. biol. Science S. Smirnov, PhD. biol. Sciences G. A Firsov, PhD. biol. Science I. M.Vasilevoy. The authors particularly appreciate the director of the Botanical Garden of the Altai State University, Doctor. biol. Science AI Shmakov and staff candidate. biol. Sciences SV Smirnov and cand. biol. Science MG Kutsev organization for numerous expedition trips, and very grateful to G. Zinov'eva, PhD. biol. Science LN Mironova, PhD. biol. LM Pshennikova Sciences, PhD. biol. Sciences G. Shevchenko for advice and invaluable assistance in the field. I also thank my assistants, growers plant collections at different times: EK Sleptsov, SA Mishanskuyu, BB Zeksel. It is difficult to express my gratitude to Doctor. biol. Science GI Rodionenko, and, of course, my boundless gratitude to my mother, Anna Nikolaevna Zeksel, who conveyed to the death of his archive and library, collected over 25 years by Iridarii in my use.

When making the book were used photographs IA Alekseev, NB Alekseeva, VM Doronkin, VI Dorofeeva, RV Dudkin, SG Ionenkova, GY ultimate, S. Maksimov, AD Mikheev, IA Pautova, LM Pshennikova, VM Reynvalda, SV Smirnov, KG Tkachenko. English translation is EA's Eve supper. The decoration covers by the artist Elena Elika.

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