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Genus Pardanthopsis (Pardanthopsis)

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Monotypic genus. The name means "like Pardantusu."

Pardanthopsis dichotoma (Pall.) Lenz - AP fork. Rhizome with short, closely spaced branches, in the brown fibers. Shirokomechevidnye leaves, 5-6 (8) in a broad fan-shaped beam at the base of the peduncle, 2-3 cm wide., 15-18 (25) cm. Peduncle 40-70 (90) cm., Top dichotomously branched, 9-15 (25) flowering. The flowers are pale violet-pink, there are blue-dark purple, 3-5 cm in diameter. Perianth tube underdeveloped, external limb share perianth droop, domestic shares raised up. Stamens 3, the filaments are attached at the base of their share of the perianth, anthers bilocular. Column pestle rssechen 3 petaloid lobes ending stigma. Uzkotsilindricheskaya box. Seeds with a small concave wing at one end.

Grows in the Trans-Baikal and the Amur region, the North-Eastern Mongolia, Northeast China on dry, usually south, well-warmed sunny slopes on gravelly scree slopes of lime, on abandoned arable lands, river valleys, steppe meadows of grasses. Blooms in June and July. Fruits in late August. The disadvantage is the short life of a flower: uncovering the afternoon, the evening fades. Very decorative rich green foliage. In the North-West suffers from an excess of moisture and lack of heat.

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